How to deploy application using Source to Image (S2I) in OpenShift?

15 Apr 2020 » openshift, nodejs


  • Deploy nodejs Application using S2I
  • Update source code
  • Rebuild Deployment

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Step 1: Set up OpenShift environment Go to & click on start scenario

Step 2: Login with developer user


Step 3: Create project my-project

oc new-project my-project

Step 4: Deploy nodejs application using s2i

oc new-app -i nodejs:8 --name nodejs -l app=demo

Step 5: List pods

oc get pods --watch

Step 6: List all resources

oc get all -l app=demo

Step 7: Create route

oc expose service nodejs

Step 8: List route

oc get route

Step 9: Browse application

From browser, Browse <ROUTE_URL>

Step 10: Clone repository

git clone

Step 11: Update code

Update "Hello World !!" string in index.js

Step 12: Rebuild deployment

oc start-build nodejs --from-dir=./node-hello/
oc get pods --watch

Step 13: Browse application

From browser, Browse <ROUTE_URL>

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