How to deploy an application using Templates in OpenShift?

06 May 2020 » openshift


  • Create project my-project
  • Deploy PHP Application using Templates

Step 1: Set up Openshift environment Go to & click on start scenario

Step 2: Create project my-project

oc new-project my-project

Step 3: Update permissions

setenforce 0

Step 4: List templates

oc get templates -n openshift

Step 5: Describe php template

oc describe template cakephp-mysql-persistent -n openshift

Step 6: Deploy php application

oc new-app cakephp-mysql-persistent --name cakephp -l app=demo
oc get pods --watch

Step 7: List route

oc get route

Step 8: Access application

From browser, Browse http://<ROUTE_URL>