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How to deploy application using Helm in Kubernetes?

28 Jun 2020 » kubernetes

How to deploy application using Helm in Kubernetes?

Let’s learn How to deploy PHPMyAdmin application using helm chart? Learn more about helm here.


Create NFS share



Install Helm

Refer installation guide here

Clone github repository

git clone

Go to session_5 directory

cd ./kubernetes-essentials/session_5/

Enable Nginx ingress controller

minikube addons enable ingress
kubectl get pods --watch -n kube-system

Exit once controller pod goes into running state

Step 1: Create PHPMyAdmin helm chart

helm create phpmyadmin

Step 2: Add all application YAML files to templates directory

Remove unwanted files from template directory

rm -rf ./phpmyadmin/templates/*

Copy YAML files

cp configmap.yaml db-deployment.yaml db-pv.yaml db-pvc.yaml db-service.yaml secret.yaml phpmyadmin-deployment.yaml phpmyadmin-ingress.yaml phpmyadmin-service.yaml ./phpmyadmin/templates/

Step 3: Package helm chart

helm package phpmyadmin

Step 4: Deploy PHPMyAdmin application

helm install phpmyadmin ./phpmyadmin-0.1.0.tgz

Step 5: List helm release

helm ls

Step 6: List pods

kubectl get pods