What is Readiness & Liveness Probes in Kubernetes?

21 Jun 2020 » kubernetes

Kubernetes uses Readiness & Liveness probes to manage pod lifecycle. Readiness probe is used to determine whether pod is ready to accept the traffic or not and liveness probe is used to determine whether pod is functioning properly or not. Read more about them here. In this blog I am adding readiness & liveness probe to PHPMyAdmin application.




Step 1: Delete PHPMyAdmin Deployment

kubectl delete deployment phpmyadmin

Step 2: Deploy PHPMyAdmin Deployment with Readiness & Liveness probes

kubectl create -f phpmyadmin-deployment.yaml
kubectl get pods --watch

Exit once pod goes into running state

Step 3: Browse phpmyadmin application

Go to browser and browse http://IP_ADDRESS:30030. Login with root user & test password. Here IP_ADDRESS is the ip address of virtual machine where kubernetes is running.