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Google Keynote I/O'19 Highlights

23 May 2019 » keynotes

20 key take aways from Google Keynote I/O’19

  1. End to end news coverage in Google Search

  2. Google Search enables indexing also on Podcast content and not just only on Podcast title.

  3. Google Search enables 3D image visualization of objects in search. For e.g. If you want to purchase shoes and want to match it with clothes then visualize 3D image on Google Search & use Augmented Reality to see whether shoes matches with your clothes or not.

  4. Google Lens has added capability of highlighting relevant information on top of the image by analyzing it and searching the information on the web. For e.g. you can analyze hotel menu card and highlight popular dishes.

  5. Google Lens can also be used within Google Search to visualize image for reading, highlighting & tranlation of text.

  6. Duplex on the web. Now with the help of Google Assistant you can book a cab depending on your preferences & trip details without even typing details manually.

  7. Next generation Google Assistant. 100-1000 giga bytes of algorighmic code is trim down to smallest possible size so that it can be placed inside mobile phones. The advantage of this is you can use Google Assistant without internet which makes Google Assistant fast as there will be no network latency. It is coming in next generation pixel phones.

  8. Google Assistant has added a new mode called Driving Mode. For driving mode new dashboard is designed with which you can use navigation, answer phone calls, play music etc.

  9. One tap access to Account Settings in Google Search and it will also rolling out in other Apps.

  10. Federated Learning across multiple devices. For e.g in G Board you can see suggestions of words that you have never used before.

  11. Live Caption support in mobile phones not only for YouTube videos but also for podcasts, web video & offline videos.

  12. Live Relay support in mobile phones, Google Assistant now will speak on your behalf over a call you just have to type the words.

  13. Android Q will support foldable devices.

  14. Android Q will support 5G.

  15. Live Caption support in Android Q. You can use live caption without internet also.

  16. Smart Reply support for all messaging apps in Android Q.

  17. Dark Theme in Android Q it will help in save battery consumption.

  18. Alert feature on location access by apps which are not used frequently. It is added in Android Q.

  19. Updatable OS Modules without restart of mobile phones.

  20. New Focus Mode in Android Q which will disable selected app notification.

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